How to Have a Green Picnic

Having an outdoor meal is always fun but can also be damaging to the planet if not planned conscientiously. Just imagine the heaps of eco-unfriendly litter, such as plastic cups; disposable plates and utensils lazy picnickers leave behind after a lovely picnic day. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy and green picnic at the beach or at the park.

There are tons of ways you can have a green picnic without spoiling the fun. Find out some of the environmentally friendly picnic ideas below:

Go local - Start loving your own! Why not explore your local neighborhood for nice outdoor gathering spots? Ask your town or city hall to get more information about local parks, trails, and other possible picnic areas. Perhaps, you can also choose other travel means like walking, biking, or taking public transportation to conserve resources and minimize pollutants. Now, for a huge picnic event, carpool with another person or family whenever possible. Doing this saves lots of energy and enriches your knowledge about your local community.

Choose an eco-friendly picnic basket - Go for a nifty, eco-friendly basket that is made from natural and renewable resources. But before buying one, ask yourself if you are an ardent outdoor person. Otherwise, you can always use a backpack, duffel bag, or a reusable shopping bag instead.

Opt for reusables - If you haven’t noticed it yet, disposable plates and utensils are such a big source of waste at most picnics. There are just too many plastics and papers everywhere you look. Nevertheless, you can easily green your picnic supplies by choosing reusable plates, cups, cloth napkins, stainless steel food containers, and utensils. It is definitely much more planet-friendly to take home these reusables to be washed than tossing everything in the garbage bin.

Check out your local farmer’s market - Local farmer’s markets are jewels for any community, as they look after the environment, and constantly offer healthy foods. Enjoy shopping locally grown veggies and fruits in season, and other organic treats, while supporting your local community market.

Prepare organic picnic food - While you can always bring your favorite food and snack, there are numerous classic, organic food items that are easier to prepare, especially when a full kitchen is out of reach. Keep it simple and yummy with vegetarian sandwiches, organic fruit, nuts, cheeses, crackers, wine, and chocolate.

Be a responsible picnicker - Take home all leftovers; pack out all your trash, most especially if there’s no place to dispose them of there. Follow the rules of the picnic place–if they don’t allow grilling, don’t do so. If you’re in a state park or recreational spot, only eat in the designated areas; you may draw unwanted animals if you don’t.

Whether you’re planning a picnic to bond with your family or impress a date, you can surely enjoy the outdoors better if you prepare a green-inspired picnic feast. So for your next picnic, keep in mind these green picnic tips and get set to spread the blanket.

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Summer is upon us and that means picnic time! You don’t have to go anywhere to have a beautiful picnic. Just find a shady spot in your yard, on your porch or even on your living room floor on a rainy day. My children love to picnic anytime, anywhere! It’s exciting to them to have their meal or snack as a picnic away from the table. Picnicking gets really simple if you are staying at home or very close to home. You can fix your food immediately and not worry about foods staying cold, fresh, and not wilting. Some simple foods that we pack in our close-to-home picnics are: sliced up fruit, cheese slices, baby spinach with or without dressing, Mary’s Gone Crackers rice crackers, rice cakes with peanut butter, grilled cheese with raw organic cheddar on Ezekiel Bread, whole carrots washed and peeled, celery with cream cheese or peanut butter with raisin or dried cranberry ants. These are just a few of our favorites! We tend to go heavy on the fruits, vegetables and cheese and lighter on the grains.  Whatever you choose to do, just picnic! Any time of day, wherever you are!
Please leave comments below with your favorite picnic ideas, foods you’ve tried that didn’t work so well, favorite picnic spots. Join in the conversation!

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  • hannahn:

    I think that even with complex problems like too much garbage going into the landfills, if each of us does something small to help, it really adds up and can make a difference. Don’t just look at your consumption when you go out for a picnic…make changes in your every day life. Right now I have six adults and two children living in my home and we only put out one bag of garbage a week. Everything else is composted, recycled or reused. Challenge yourself!

  • Effectively said, mostly, but don’t you really feel as if the problem is much more complex than that?

  • Useful information. Lucky me I discovered your website unintentionally, and I’m surprised why this coincidence didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  • What is your favorite picnic memory? What was your worst picnic disaster? What is your child’s favorite picnic food? Please share your picnic experiences below!

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