Organic Parenting

This is your chance to be your best and do your best. To learn from yourself and your children when you’re not your best.

To apologize and to forgive others and yourself.

To teach what’s right and correct mistakes.

To nurture with compassion and healthy food starting from birth.

To make time to be together as a family and one-on-one. Treasure these times.

To be a role model in all life brings your way…your children watch how you handle challenges, how you celebrate, how you treat others.

To be your child’s cheerleader. Make a habit of noticing all that’s right about your children and what they’re doing.

To know your child better than anyone else. How does he feel love? What does she need from you when approaching melt-down?

To be true to yourself and raise your children the way you see fit and stand by your decisions.

To always consider what is best for your children in the short and long-term.

My advice to all parents is to be gentle, loving and playful. Be like a child again. And be strongĀ  and clear.

We all long for some order and limits in life. We can teach our children now how to manage life, live life, love life as they grow and change into their own adult selves. Really, just love your children to the best of your abilities.

3 Responses to “Organic Parenting”

  • hannahn:

    Thank you so much for your feedback! You have some great ideas to add to my guide. I appreciate it. I love the “gift ideas” idea!

  • Joan Falcao:

    Another thought about “4. COOK FROM SCRATCH”: Educate yourself about how much of the plant is edible. Often the skins are edible and extremely nutritious. And improve your food prep skills. I have seen people cut off the top third of a strawberry to remove the stem. What a waste!

    About dehydrating, I have been learning about this method of preservation. And next season I will buy an Excalibur dehydrator to handle surpluses from our community garden plot. The NOFA conference lecturer, Kathy Harrison, recommended the Excalibur highly.

  • Joan Falcao:

    The “how to buy organic food for less” tips were very helpful. And here are some more tips:

    Under “7. Plant a Garden”, I would add that people in urban settings should check into the availability of community garden plots. Also, showing an interest in neighbors’ gardening efforts, and volunteering to help water the garden when they’re on vacation could put you in the top spot to receive excess produce. Yes, when the tomatoes and zucchini come into season, produce recipients are in demand!

    Under “5. Buying Clubs”, you might want to mention checking out COSTCO, BJ’s, Sam’s Club and the like. The information desk may be able to search their computer on “organic” and give you a list of what they offer. The savings on organic staples and produce can be impressive.

    You might want to consider adding a #8 GIFT SUGGESTIONS. Let relatives know that a CSA or “organic supplement” check would be a perfect gift for you and your kids. Often relatives struggle with gift ideas, and this solves the problem for them. Of course, you’ll have to education them as to why organic food is so important, but that’s all good. As a grandma, I give each of my children an “organic supplement” check at Christmas for the grandchildren. I think this is more important than the college fund.

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