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Family portrait summer 2013Who I Am

My name is Hannah Noel. I am a work-from-home, home-cooking mom and wife and am also an organic farmer in Vermont.

What I Do

I live an organic lifestyle. My husband, Eric, and I run an organic farm in Northern Vermont where we raise 100% grass-fed beef, vegetables and pasture raised eggs. I had two beautiful home births and breastfed both my babies well beyond a year even though I had a very difficult first three months. I cook our meals from scratch using as much whole foods from our farm as possible. I also sell our beef and vegetables to members of our community. I teach my customers through weekly newsletters included in all vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares and Facebook posts. I started officially offering Health Coaching services about a year ago and have helped my clients achieve their health and weight release goals with soaring success.


Why I Do It

I have a passion for feeding my family and community healthy, clean, simple foods and teaching about our organic lifestyle. I have the deep desire to heal our environment and empower the people around me to take care of their bodies and teach their children healthy habits and respect for the earth.

How To Connect With Me

I would love to hear from you and share more with you. Please fill out my contact page to stay in touch. You may also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

4 Responses to “About Me”

  • hannahn:

    Terrific blog! We should link to each other’s sites! And stay in touch. I’m also looking forward to when reading is not a struggle for my girl. I want her to LOVE reading as I do! Thanks for finding me!

  • It’s great to find your website! Please check out my blog, Organic Mothering. I live in Ohio, also homeschool my only child, am a belly dancer/instructor, and have similar goals and interests to yours. Be well, Rita Baratier

  • hannahn:

    I’m still working on this. Just don’t know how to do it yet! Hope to find an answer today!
    Hannah, The Organic Mother

  • hannahn:

    Thank you for the listing! I’d be happy to return the link. I will spend some time on that this week.
    I took a look at what is in the directory for me and it looks great. Thanks again!

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